Hot Press Soap Making

All Materials Included

Duration: 2-3hrs


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What is a Hot Press Soap Making Method?

As mentioned in the cold process method soap making, it takes days for the soap to get saponified. So if you want to get to use the soap you made, hot process is another method you can considered. In the hot process method, heat is used to speed up the process. First, we combined the oils and lye and then heat up the Crock Pot or double boiler. The additional heat speeds up the saponification process and “cooks” the soap before it goes into the mold. This cuts down dramatically on the wait time! 

Similar to cold process soap, we can customize soap down to the last ingredient. Participants can choose the oil, colorants, scents, and other additives. Upon completion, you will get a rustic style bar soap.

Not suitable for kids and people that cannot handle Lye properly as it is considered a dangerous goods, that may cause caustic burn on our skin and breathing problem if inhale.


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