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Lip Balm

Lip Balm Making

If you have dry, cracked and dehydrated lips. Using products that you bought and find that they maybe unsuitable. Join our Lip Balm Making Workshop. Participants will learn how to make a characterized lip balm suitable for them. Participants will be taught how to choose their desired lip balms for themselves.

1-2 hours

Herbal Handmade Soap

Natural Lotion Making

Our Lotion Making Workshop will impart knowledge to students to make basic moisturizing lotion from natural oil, for our hand and body. Advanced Lotion Making Workshop specifically for eliminating wrinkle, sunscreening purpose and skin whitening are also available.

1-2 hours

Handmade Herbal 2

Natural Cream Making

Participants will first learn the basic making of a moisturizing cream base using natural oil, before proceeding to the advanced level of making sunscreening cream, anti-wrinkle cream and whitening cream.


1-2 hours

Natural Serum Making

Natural Serum Making Workshop will be taught.  Students upon learning the basic of serum making can join the Advanced Workshop in making of anti-aging, anti-wrinkle, sunscreening and whitening serum.

3-4 hours

Liquid Soap Making Workshop

Participants will learn the basic knowledge of using surfactants and create their first hand wash, before proceeding to body wash, follow by hair wash.

Participants can have a piece of mind on the ingredients used, all of them have the properties of nourishing and moisturizing, without any harmful properties.

2 hours

Natural Shampoo &  Conditioner Making Workshop

Our Hair Conditioner Workshop will guide participants to use natural oil and natural ingredients to calm, soothe and nourish our hair in the most natural way.

2 hours

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Join our Online Workshops or Virtual Team-Building Workshops in any part of the world. It will leave your family members or colleagues with an exciting experience to boost the team’s spirit. 

Alternatively, you can join our Private Virtual Workshop for more personal coaching and getting ready to kick off one’s own personal care business in no time.

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