Soap Making Workshops

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Soap Making 7

Children Soap Crafting

Kids from age 3 onwards, will be fascinated with their abilities to craft the soap to their desired shape, pattern and scents that they prefer.

1-2 hours

Herbal Handmade Soap

Melt & Pour Soap Making

Melt & Pour Soap Melting using soap bases to make natural soap bar is the safest and simplest way of making soap bar. Participants will learn various ways to craft their soap to their desired characterized soap bars.

1-2 hours

Handmade Herbal 2

Cold Pressed Soap Making

Cold Pressed Soap Making is a method without the use of a stove, is suitable for participants who are interested in the traditional way of making soap bars.


1-2 hours

Hot Pressed Soap Making

Traditional soap making, similar to cold pressed soap making, the difference is merely Hot Pressed soap bars nade can be used instantly upon saponification

3-4 hours

Using Raw Ingredients Soap Making

Natural or Natural-Derived Ingredients will be used in making soap bars. Suitable for participants with basic knowledge in natural soap making.

2 hours

Conditioner Bar Making

Making from Raw Ingredients, Conditioner Bars will prevent hair split, entangle hair and helps to smoothen hair.

2 hours

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